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JAMES FOX HIGGINS is the real thing. His passion for music was evident and unshakable from his first year of life when his parents gave him a red plastic keyboard that he bashed with reckless abandon. It wasn’t long before he was singing constantly, then learning the trumpet, then teaching himself to play guitar, then keyboard. Then bass. Then drums. The original songs started emerging at the age of 13, and pretty soon his parents knew they had made a musical monster.

Harnessing his own education, James dropped out of High School to get straight into a music degree at the Queensland Conservatorium which he completed whilst starting up his first indie label, production company, recording his first commercially released album with band Nude Continuum (now Soul Continuum) and beginning to tour nationally and internationally.

James has since entertained countless music lovers across the globe, performing at cafes, pubs, music halls, festivals, and literally hundreds of weddings. Sharing stages with the likes of Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies, Joy Denalane, Sneaky Sound System, Los Amigos Invisibles, Katie Noonan and Stan Walker points to the same undeniable truth: He’s the real thing.

After independently releasing his debut solo EP under the moniker “The Quick Brown Fox” in 2010, he quickly sold out of the first pressing at live shows across Australia’s east coast. In late 2011, he decided it was time to stand up on his own two paws and perform under his real name. James Fox Higgins is the strongest singer, entertainer, songwriter, producer, and all-round artist he’s ever been and 2012 is truly going to be the Year of the Fox as he prepares to unleash his debut full-length album “Man Overboard”, a project over 6 years in the making.

Stay tuned to jamesfoxhiggins.com for more foxy news and be sure to like the Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. Also, don’t forget that by signing up to the LOVE ZONE you’ll receive access to exclusive content only available to members, including a free copy of debut single “Where Does Your Apple Grow?”. Click here to sign up!

Wistful (Official Video)

All Worn Down (Official Video)

The voice is awesome – can’t wait to hear more from Foxy :))

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